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5 Minutes...

Every night we give Wells a countdown to bedtime. Tonight Tyson said “Hey Wellsy, 15 minutes…” Wells immediately shot back with “No dad, five minutes.” As he held up his sweet chubby hand, five fingers spread wide apart and a BIG cheeky smile. See, Wells thought he was pulling one over on his dad…

Tyson and I tried our hardest to explain to our three-year-old that 15 minutes was more play time than five minutes. Over and over in many ways, we explained, and every time Wells decided he knew best. “No, 5 more minutes” and a giant smile was his reply.

It got me thinking. How many times do we think we know better than our God? How many times do we bargain for less? How often do we settle for less time, less happiness, and less experience because we think we know better what we need? God, if I could just do it my way... I know I've wished for that. Over and over again, I learn when I do it my way - I settle for less.

I love that God will pull his truth out in ways I could never imagine. I cherish times when God uses my children to show me how vast his love is. Tonight was a gentle reminder to never settle for less. When God offers 15 minutes don't bargain for 5.

Don’t settle for less. SURRENDER (shameless plug) to God’s plan for you. Even when it's scary and unfamiliar, I pray that I make decisions less on what I think I need, and more on what God knows I need. I pray that for you too.

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