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Wood Wick Care | How To Use Your Wood Wick

First off... Why Wood Wicks? Why did SEVENTH DAY Candle Co. an Iowa Candle Company decide to use wood wicks? We picked wooden wicks for our candle-making

because they are a natural alternative. We wanted to use only the best and cleanest products for our candles. That included soy wax, beeswax, and wood wicks. Wooden Wicks burn cleaner, and typically produce a lower, smoldering flame. This means your candle is being consumed more slowly, thus making it last longer. In addition, you should expect that your wood wick will be less bright. We found this to be very soothing and relaxing. Beyond being a clean, eco-friendly, natural alternative, we feel that wood wicks bring a calming, more modern ambiance to our customers. And if those two reasons aren't enough... Wooden wicks also provide a more impressive scent throw! The scent throw is the measure of how effective a SEVENTH DAY Candle Co. candle is at emitting its unique fragrance.

It is important to note that Wooden Wicks do require just a little extra care or maintenance. Before you light your SEVENTH DAY Candle Co. candle for the first time you will need to trim your wick. Your wood wick needs to be trimmed (but not too short) to about 1/8” to burn well and produce a nice, low flame. A wooden wick should never be longer than 3/4” for safety. It may take you a little longer to light your wooden wick initially. You should keep in mind that you may have to light your candle several times before you get a good burn. It's not uncommon for your flame to go out several times at first.

Check out SEVENTH DAY's Woodwick Tip Sheet...


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