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Sympathy Prayer Bowl

Sympathy Prayer Bowl


and if not, He is Still Good... DANIEL 3:18


First, if you've found this listing we are sorry for your sorrow. Whatever the reason you were led to this listing we are here for you.


Our grief collection is meant to be a special way for you to share your love, and God's love, with anyone struggling with sadness, loss, pain and hurt.


We have 3 Candle options for you to choose from to pair with our Prayer Bowl


Each Package Includes:

~ 1 Wooden Prayer Bowl

~ 1 8oz. Candle of your choice

~ 1 Faith Sticker

~ 1 Scripture Bookmark

~ 24 Scripture Cards

~ Greeting card with a personalized message printed on the back of the card


Brilliant words from my dear friend whom I too am grieving...

"Grief doesn't go away. Time does NOT heal. Time gives you the opportunity to learn to live WITH the wounds. I don't think we're supposed to move on, I think we're supposed to pick up the broken pieces and carry them with us. To be part of our story, to encourage and walk along others, to remind us what we've been through and how much stronger we are because we had to let go of someone we love.”

🤍 Sonya


    ~ Scripture Attached: John 14:27
    ~ Scent Description: White Sage ~ Lime ~ Cedar ~ Mint

    ~ Scripture Attached: John 16:22
    ~ Scent Description: Lemon ~ Lavender ~ Bergamot

    ~ Scripture Attached: John 15:9
    ~ Scent Description: Cherry ~ Almond ~ Jasmine ~ Strawberry


    While we are hopeful that you love your Seventh Day Candle, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a straightforward refund or exchange policy. Our goal is to build trust and reassure our customers that you can buy with confidence.


    Each candle is individually poured and prayed over at Seventh Day Candle Co. Our goal is to get your personal candle finished and shipped to you within 3-5 business days. Larger orders may take a few extra days. However, we will work with each customer so you know exactly what your timeline looks like. Your cost for shipping is a flat $4.99 charge so no surprises there! I will also gladly deliver to the Ames, Boone, Huxley, Nevada, Story City, and Ankeny areas upon request.

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