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Personalized Prayer Bowls | Small Mini Prayer Dough Bowl

Personalized Prayer Bowls | Small Mini Prayer Dough Bowl

SKU: p10p23d20b23

Looking for perfection? ... It's not here, but our bowls are Perfectly Imperfect! 


~NEW~ You can now have us engrave a special message on the bottom of your prayer bowl.


Our Prayer Dough Bowls are an everlasting gift to encourage you or your loved ones in your walk with God. Our only goal for our little shop is to encourage those who find us in their faith journey.  We pray that our dough gift bowls will be a tool you use over and over again to grow closer to Christ. 


Use your wooden dough gift bowl in any way you see fit... Whether it's through collecting thoughts and prayers, using our scripture cards to communicate with your spouse or children, or using our gift bowls as a gentle reminder of Christ's love for you on your table, bathroom, kitchen islands, fireplace mantel, or any other place you dream up.


Each wooden Dough Gift Bowl is approximately 10in. x 6in. x 2in. All our bowls will vary in size. Our Wooden Gift Bowls will vary in color, shape, texture, and size to some degree. If you choose, our Dough Gift Bowls can be uniquely engraved with a cross of your choice.
Our Prayer Bowls are delivered with 24 of our hand-stamped scripture cards. The kraft paper cards are left blank on one side for you to write on.
We hope our Wooden Dough Gift Bowls will be a Gift that Inspires!

Each Package Includes:
~ 1 Prayer Dough Bowl
~ 1 Sample Scent
~ 1 Sticker
~ 1 Scripture Bookmark
~ 24 Scripture Cards

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